VIASPADARI through the multi-media and retail platform has the goal to share the experience related to the ritual of the Italian food in the world keeping the aim to convey to the consumers the true knowledge of Italian food giving them the experience to buy always something luxury but accessible and affordable.

VIASPADARI shares the experience related to the ritual of the Italian food in the world through a
multimedia and retail platform, with the purpose of interconnecting selected and authenticated producers with the wishes of the more attentive consumer.

VIASPADARI builds its brand experience through the careful selection of Italian products of high level to form a definite proposal of quality guiding customers to sort their belief, that place where to keep the foods we love. Belief is the safe where we know we cherish some special products, the desire we have to compose for all times connected to food a little ritual of pleasure.


All this in VIASPADARI is told by the figure of a tutor, through editorials and video contents our consumers will find out how to create a ritual at all times connected to food.
We believe that the figure of the Tutor give us the possibility to create our own voice which will build a relationship of trust with those who follow our philosophy.
A concept very selective and accurate for each individual product.

We aim to position ourselves  as a brand that attracts more to the traditional values of gastronomy and authenticity of Italian food product which gives the perception of being consumed by activating a ritual of eating with a strong connotation of modernity and style . Collaborations with designers and a heavy emphasis on the requirements related to communication will perceive the product VIASPADARI as a product that builds a strong link of belonging to the fashion world.

The perception of a high quality purchase will be accompanied by the experience of a real luxury service.
VIASPADARI aims to build a high quality product at an affordable price range.
It’s the first operation of its kind in the food market, which means a high quality research of products with the minimum price range in the balance.